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The Earliest Hydrological Observation Station Set Up on The Han River, "Fighting Wits and Courage" Against the Autumn Flood Season
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Since August 21, the upper reaches of the Hanjiang River have continued to rain, the autumn floods are coming violently, and the flood control situation has become increasingly severe. In order to do a good job in flood control forecasting and reporting during the flood period, Shiyan Branch swiftly acted and adjusted the management mode of Baihe Hydrological Station from patrol survey to station survey in time. A surprise team was formed immediately to start the "match of wits and courage" with this autumn flood.

The Baihe Hydrological Station, established in 1934, is not only one of the earliest hydrological observation stations on the Han River, but also an important inbound control station for Danjiangkou Reservoir, which is very important for flood control in the Han River Basin.

Baihe Hydrological Station in the water

At 0:00 on August 30, the inflow of Danjiangkou Reservoir rose to 23,400m³/second, which is the largest inflow of Danjiangkou Reservoir since 2012. The high flood forecasting work at Baihe Station was proceeding intensively and orderly.

Emergency repair of equipment 

There is also a member of the team, who can be called a "device expert", and he is Wei Wei, deputy director of the Shiyan branch. During the day, he would go back and forth between the subordinate stations of the Shiyan branch to check whether the equipment is operating normally. Sometimes he didn’teven eat lunch, just to ensure that the flood can be measured, accurately measured, reported out, and reported timely.

Check the flow measurement signal 

At two o'clock in the morning on September 5, the water level of Baihe Station reached 185.48 m. Another round of night testing began. Turning on the searchlight, the lookout watched the river with all his attention. Cableway operator Zhang Xianli activated the hydrological cableway control system to check whether the flow meter signal was normal. The 500 kg lead fish was hoisted up and moved slowly along the cableway. 

"It's almost the water surface, it's safe." After getting confirmation, Zhang Xianli operated the console to put the lead fish into the water, and he watched the changes on the water surface through the Hydrological Vision System (WISH system). The first vertical line, the second vertical line...Lan Beibei carefully recorded on the side.

It took nearly an hour and the measurement flow ended smoothly. Everyone packed up the data and left the cableway operation room to the office. They immediately analyzed and checked the rationality of the data and reported the measurement results.

"We rest, but the flood does not rest. To collect complete hydrological data is to compare the speed with the flood." Lan Beibei said.

The old chief engineer goes to battle again 

In the first half of this year, Zhao Xuewu, the chief engineer of the Hydrology 058 survey ship, retired. Hearing that Baihe Station would have a flood peak of more than 10,000 cubic meters per second, he immediately rushed to the station to help. As an old chief engineer who has been rooted in the front line for a long time, Zhao Xuewu has rich experience in sailing, whether there is any malfunction of the marine equipment, the choice of the ship's docking position... Lao Zhao is definitely a master. Having him take care of the "heart" of the ship in the engine room is also a better way to increase the safety of the ship.

"Although I am retired, I can go back to work anytime I need to work. During the Gaohong period, the hydrological station has a heavy workload and very tight manpower. Besides, the ship that has been running for 40 years has feelings. I can't give up my old business and everyone."

"The strongest support" is online

Starting from August 21, the station team has board and lodging at the station. Tester Li Jiuru’s good cooking skills came in handy. In addition to participating in daily tests, he took the initiative to work part-time as a chef. Not only that, but also various logistical support tasks such as vehicle driving, material procurement, equipment maintenance, etc. His figure can be said to be the "strongest support" in the station team.

During the station, the water was stopped and the Internet was disconnected, and it would last three or four days after the stop and the disconnection. Everyone should stock up on bottled water and make sure to drink water for cooking and use mobile phone hotspots to transfer data. There are many similar episodes like this.

"The long-term continuous station test tests both physical strength and mental strength. Life and work will also interrupt us from time to time, but there are always more ways than difficulties. Every time we pass a level, there is a deep sense of satisfaction in my heart." Xu Liyong said that this is a secret for everyone to maintain their best condition.

The continuous rain is still falling from time to time, the autumn flood is not over yet, and the station team is still fighting... (Zhong Xi, Liu Yue)

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